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TAT BHARTI New Updates 2019

TAT BHARTI New Updates 2019
10 % EBC G.R mujb district adhikaari o ne taakid

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GujaratMirror {City Minor Rajkot, Tuesday, Dt. 18 - 7 - 2019 Waiting for an order to attend school even after four months have passed? Injustice is being done by the BIR war heroes. Ho Ravi: To order early, the Chief Minister is to be excluded from submission. All the candidates were not given the appointment order. My Divya Candidates Four Months | Since there is no clarification, it has been filled with confusion / status. If we are being harmed as late as possible, then the responsibility of this loss will be given to the job order Vidya Adhikti standard South Dwaiv D Rajkot Ta. (On the one hand, by the government), there is talk of huge help from the Government of Gujarat for the handicapped, while the big chorus is being rolled out and the teachers are deprived of the demise of different places in Gujarat. From December 7 to December 6, the recruitment of divinities on the basis of our merit based on the merit of Gujarat State Primary Education 2 is going to be an injustice for the district selection. Among the recruitment process of the candidates, the selection committee was called the primary. Tue 19 Only candidates from the Gandhinagar Education Department are eligible for the education students in excluded schools. There is a continuous submission to the school office on February 2018. Due to which the recruitment site has been selected from Gujarat to eight Gujarati mediums and we still get satisfactory answer, such as sensitive and progressive announcements for the year 5-8 candidates are not the original certificates. On the basis of the writ that the level of education in the state of Diyanga was meritorious on the day of the petition, if we get justice for the candidates, then we are reduced to T day and the qualified candidates will be available to the selected candidates as soon as possible. Disabled candidates were asked to get applications from a fixed sample from the job, but all the Divya candidates who were given the nomination were invited 101 instead of present. All of these, however, in the process of presenting only the Chief Minister by Dailang, 11 candidates of merit based on teacher positions have been present in the college. As well as helping to make the complexes complete

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